“Get a copy of Hugh Cantlie’s book Near the Motorway.”

Actual size: 8″ x 4″ (20cm x 10 cm)

200 pubs, restaurants, hotels and Filling Stations within

5 minutes from a junction.

Most are dog and child friendly.

A handy glovebox guide to help you find a quick but quiet rest

away from the motorway.

All the entries have been personally visited, selected and

illustrated by the author.

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“Get this book and keep it in your car”

“Hugh Cantlie has devoted himself to removing the gamble of getting off the motorway to find food.”

“A handy guidebook for those who are often on the road”

“Service stations? No thanks. We are pleased to note that a new edition has been published”

“This publication will become an essential addition to your glovebox”

“Near the Motorways is now in its 12th edition, a testament to its genuine usefulness.”


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